Buy Your Home With Confidence.

Introducing the three *most ridiculous* "Risk-Free Guarantees" in the Real Estate Industry!

Insider Access To ALL Homes (not just MLS)

On-Demand Showings

Expert Consulting &

Master Negotiating

Not all agents are created equal. Who you hire matters.

Home buying is a zero-sum game. Everybody is vying for the same dream home.

Question is: will YOU be the one who knows about it first? Will YOU be the one who sees it first? And will YOU know what price & terms it's going to take to win the deal, once you do?

You Hire Us Because You Want A 5-Star Experience.

We Have More 5-Stars Than Any Other Agent In San Diego!*

Avoid Long-Term Contracts

Say goodbye to being stuck with an agent. With our hassle-free contract and 'minute-to-minute' no-questions-asked cancellation guarantee, you're in control.

Love it or Leave it

If you want to sell the home you buy with us for any reason within 12 months of your closing date, we will sell your home with no listing side commission. We are committed to your happiness in your GreenHouse Group represented property.

Enjoy Certainty.

Enjoy Results.

Relax and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have our risk-free guarantee* working for you, alongside agents you can trust.

We're not traditional agents,

we don't just sell homes.

We help you get what you deserve. Buy on time, or early & never ugly!

"Everything we do is for a 5-Star Review." - Jesse's motto

With over 1,000 satisfied San Diego area families, we've been there for people just like you.

We've guided home buyers through every situation, including:

  • Finding the perfect home

  • Securing the best financing options

  • Negotiating favorable terms

  • Ensuring a stress-free experience

  • Supporting first-time buyers

  • Relocating to San Diego

  • Exploring investment opportunities

  • ...and much more

54+ Reviews


80+ Reviews


408+ Reviews


Your 4-Steps Away To Getting The Results You Want

...With A Guide By Your Side Who You Can Trust.

Choosing who you hire when selling a home can be downright scary.

You might say, "Their presentation sounds good ... but I still have all the risk if it all goes wrong!?"

If you want to succeed, you need a trusted advisor, a proven plan backed by the industry's best guarantees.

Here's our simple, four-step process to help you navigate it all ... stress-free:


Schedule a discovery call. We call it our "Initial Consultation" where we can huddle-up & clarify your goals.


Establish your must haves. We get clarity on all of your needs including timing, location, price point, financing and lifestyle.


Tour Homes in person or virtually. View only the best fit homes saving you time, energy and hassle. Our job is to match homes to your must haves list.


Enjoy Certainty.

Enjoy Results. Relax and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a proven strategy working for you.

No, every agent is *not* the same.

Our guarantees ensure we perform or we don’t get paid.

That's why our clients say,"This is the most ridiculous guarantee!" (..and love it :)

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying (Behind Our Backs):



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